Lisa - Karabossie


Anyone who is in my company for longer than 10 minutes will know that I have an incalculable desire to move out of Kuils River and into Cape Town CBD. I do not have anything against Kuils River; it’s just that I don’t exactly feel I qualify to be a ‘Kuila kint’. there I was, paying for smokes at the counter and as usual, I have one feathered earing in my ear. The cashier, most probably trying to be helpful tells me: “girlie your other earing is gone”, my response: “that’s the style”. The terrifying facial expression that rested upon her face looked like she had just witnessed the apocalypse flash before her eyes. This is one of the reasons I felt for the longest time that I did not belong and, as a result, always felt conscious about my appearance when I’m in the area. Trying very hard to not look too weird but still keeping my style.

 Last week Wednesday, my heart warmed up to Kuils River and I saw my hometown in a new light. My cousin, Carla and I were looking for spots where we could do our shoot displaying the jewellery I make and the clothing Jaymila, my cousin sources. I did not travel far, right in my backyard, I walked passed it countless times but was blinded by my planning scheme on ‘how to move out of Kuils River in 3 easy steps’ and did not see it. Not in this or the next universe, my past, present and future life or in my dreams (I dream a lot) would I have apprehended that Kuils River, let alone Kuils River station, would have amazing textures, depth and vibrant colours, which would contribute so greatly to the shoot.


“Lisa, enough about the location and introduce the model already!”

Ever since I can remember, Carla always dreamed of being in front of the camera. She has this effortless way of showing a strong presence in pictures, she is so easy to work with, and has legs that can go on for days! Carla Willoughby, who manages to make a trash container sexy, is currently looking for a modelling agency. Big thank you Carla 🙂


Person: ”So you make and sell jewellery?”

Lisa: “Yes.”

Person: “What’s your label called?”

Lisa: “Karabossie.”

Person: “kara-WHAT?”(Apocalypse facial expression again)

That’s the usual response I get when people hear my label’s name. Legacy made me give my label the name. I’ve always had an unusual amount of hair on my head and as a result, my dad nicknamed me Karabossie. My beautiful daughter, Leah inherited the ‘bossie kop’ as well, which I love and now I too call her Karabossie.

I’ve always made jewellery but never really promoted it. My client base was mainly family and friends. One of the worst possible tortures for someone who is imaginative is to place them in front of a desk in a dull building. I was in that position, fixing people’s problems for 4 years. Although I felt, it was not my true calling, working for that company taught me a lot about working experience, the value of customers and money. I threw my hands up in the air, handed in my resignation, and started studying Clothing Management at CPUT (where I met the vibrant and bubbly Tasneem). Here is some pictures of the Karabossie jewellery.


  1.  Black and leather tribal neckpiece: R100.00
  2.  Suede tribal neckpiece (Incl. chain detail): R120.00


  1.  Black Turks Head Knot bracelet: R65:00

Oh and I almost forgot! Watch the City Girl Vibe blog very closely, I’m feeling very ‘competitiony’ and will be giving one lucky person one of the Karabossie pieces. Competition details soon to follow.

Once Upon A Time, there was a little girl in the living room of one of the homes in the Cape Flats, who watched TV shows like “The Bold and The Beautiful” and after every fashion show, she would create outfits for her Barbie doll. Her parents were not in the means to allow her to go study and as a result, she had to go work. Everyone always complimented her on her sense of style and she saw this as a business opportunity. She started selling clothing from her desk and built up a sustainable client base from there. She accidently found out she was related to this girl called Lisa on Facebook. Lisa quickly realised that Jaymila manages to come up with the most comforting excuses  reasons as to why she should attend most of the indoor and outdoor parties and why she simply needs to eat sweet things(she claims to be anaemic) and thus, they are like two peas in a pod. Jaymila left her day job and is now following her passion full-time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find local and international brands in the Jaymila Swaggz collections, as she sources all over Cape Town. Jaymila manages to collect garments that has street style, is retro, has a vintage element and is sexy. There is no ending to this fairy-tale, you will be seeing and hearing a lot from Jaymila Swaggz. Some pictures of the July collection…


  1. Aztec vest: R110.00
  2. Denim shorts (Incl. Belt): R130.00


  1. Red leather jacket: R300.00

Stephan Williams, who is currently building up is portfolio agreed to borrow his talent for the day and be our photographer for the shoot. He managed to not utter a rude word or not sigh irritably at our demands on how we thought the picture should look. I’m very pleased with the end result Stephan, thank you 🙂


P.S. Thank you for reading this long ass post, hope you vibers enjoyed it and don’t forget to watch the City Girl Vibe blog closely for the details of the Karabossie competition.


L8a days, xoxo 




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