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Camera Couture

Couture-BannerBeing a slave of the internet, I always find new goodies that fascinates me, even more so when it involves handbags. I recently stumbled upon a new brand called Camera Couture. I’m totally, utterly, convincingly (this list could go on forever so let me nip it) obsessed with their goodies.

Who/What is Camera Couture you ask?
Camera Couture sells designer camera bags for both men and women. They’ve got a whole range of different styles of bags at affordable prices and is perfect to protect your camera but yet look stylish.UntitledffdI’ve made a little collage with all my faves [If not all] of Camera Couture’s bags. I love that they look like handbags but still serves the purpose of a camera bag.

Let’s start off with me telling you why I’d replace my current block/cooler box looking camera big. Its really obvious that there’s a camera in it and it screams “ROB ME NOW!” And I cannot be robbed of my most prized possession in my 1st year of university. My monthly income/future/blog’s future depends on it.UntitledLet me tell you, or rather show you what I would put in my Camera Couture bag if I had one.

I’ve got so much uses for this bag. Starting with number
1) I’d finally be able to get on the damn bus when going to campus in the morning without looking like a freak with my camera bag wrapped in my jacket.
2) I’d have a place to put my student card in and not loose it EVERYTIME and having to pay R120 EVERYTIME! (See how horrible my student card looks? That happens when you shove it anywhere you find a place).
3) I’d be able to go to campus with my ipad because YAY FOR FREE WIFI.
4) A place to put my room and linen mist in, people tend to get gassy and sweaty early in the morning: Aint nobody got time for that.
5) Being a photo ambassador for City Sightseeing Cape Town, I’d be able to Hop on and Hop off Cape Town’s red bus looking uber stylish with my new baby on my shoulder.
6) I’ve recently started wearing specs so Ill have to pop them in there too. 7) Some hand sanitizer for my OCD like tendencies.
8) My Makeup bag with my 110 lip-products in it{I’m a girl} and lastly…
9) My cellphone : That thing that constantly rings because my mom calls to find out if my camera is still safe and if I’m looking after it.

See why I NEED.WANT.MUST have a Camera Couture bag? If I don’t get one, Ill be doing some heavy hinting to mom/dad/sister/brother for a Rose Teal Bag.


2 thoughts on “Camera Couture

  1. The Serenity Earth Camera Bag from Capturing Couture contains enough room for your DSLR and two lenses or a flash. The textured jacquard bag has a single movable padded interior divider that allows you to arrange your gear as needed. The exterior has three front stash pockets for keys, cell phone or a small point and shoot camera. The rear has a large zippered pocket for additional items such as a map, ID or ticket. Inside, there’s a hidden lined zippered pocket where you can store extra money.

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