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Fashion Friday : Snow Boots

Brrrace yourself! Today is one of those typical winter days in Cape Town and seeing that I decided to take the day off from university(due to circumstances) I decided that I might aswell make this a productive day and hit you with two posts seeing that I’ve been MIA AGAIN.

I’m a total snow boot fanatic and when I saw that Uggs would be available in SA from sometime last year(or the year before) I totes knew that I had to get my hands on a pair. I looked at the prices and had to admit that its kind of steep and that led me into searching for similar ones. Mr Price’s online store is packed with lustworthy snow boots and I wish I could have each and every pair on it. The best part is that its extremely affordable. I came up with a list of all my fave ones, affordable and pricier ones for those that’s willing to splurge a lil…snow bootsSnow boots may not be rain appropriate but definitely a winter must have if you want to survive this cold winter. Uggs are definitely the in thing if celebs are rocking them and as you know, I love drawing inspiration from celebrities for my Fashion Friday posts so here goes! Have a Fashion Forward Friday and if you’re a Capetonian, stay safe and keep warm darlings!Untitled celebs


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