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Softi vs Shlumfi

SBHJOFTIVSI received an amazing press kit packed with awesome goodies from Baby Soft. As many of you might have noticed, there’s a “softer than ever” mascot showdown happening at the moment and I’m honestly torn between the two!

What is this “Softer Than Ever Mascot” showdown you ask? Baby-soft invented something new called Micro Pillow Technology. Baby Soft is known for their already super soft toilet tissue and their new invention is even softer, but now feel that this new micro pillow technology requires a new mascot OR NOT. babyIn my press kit I received quite a few goodies that I’m LOVING! I first popped my flash into my laptop and watched the vids on it. Definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and now I have a new flashdrive for university… YAY. Let me get to the awesome Softi vs Shlumfi merchandise. I received two cups, two tshirts and THEE softest toilet tissue ever! I’m so grateful for everything and I can even share it with the fam.

I never blog about toilet tissue but man how could I not? In my home Baby Soft is part of the family, that’s why its so hard for me to choose my fave mascot. I’m a cat person but Softi is a part of the family. Seeing that its flu season, you would always find Baby Soft toilet tissue in my handbag. 2013-04-28 14.46.41So darlings, you have a say. Do you feel that Baby Soft needs a new mascot? Cast your vote! Hop on over to or hop on over to their on Facebook page. You can also vote via sms when you buy any promotional pack of Mascot Showdown -Baby Soft 2-ply toilet tissue. Just SMS the word “Shlumfi” or “Softi” and the unique code on the back of the sticker to 33005. You will also then be in the running for a chance to win your share of 1000 x R100 cash vouchers.


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