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Perfect Nails in 60 seconds with Rimmel

Rimmel-Logo-1024x283I’ve been MIA off CGV all week due to hectic university workload and this weekend I just felt like being home and making my nails look pretty. My darling Desle sent me so many awesome goodies for my birthday and one of them are my new fave nailpolish from Rimmel.

Getting the London Look has never been easier. I’ve been spotting Rimmel’s 60 second polish everywhere and wanted to see if it really dries in 60 seconds because waiting for polish to dry is one of the main reasons why I don’t do my nails with nailpolish anymore. She sent me a stunning shade in “230 Portobello Pink” and I’m smitten!

I didn’t feel like doing the whole nailart thing because I had to hit the books 10mins later so this was the perfect time to see if this polish really did what it says it does AND IT 100%, HONESTLY, ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY does it. Its been 3 days and my nails still looks beauty parlor perfect. Besides the quick drying, long lasting and amazing formulation, I quite liked the applicator. Its bigger than your standard polish brush. It took me 2 strokes and 1 coat to achieve this look and a picture doesn’t do this colour justice. Its much pinker than what it appears on the picture.
2013-04-13 17.59.50
Rimmel 60 second nail polish comes in 16 stunning shades and I wish I had them all. This is my new fave nail polish. I have no complaints about this polish. Highly recommended darlings! You can also purchase this from Rubybox as well as your usual drugstores like Clicks and Dischem.Picture-13


3 thoughts on “Perfect Nails in 60 seconds with Rimmel

  1. This beauty has been left untried in my helmer for years, but as one of the most popular red nail polishes of all time, Ruby Pumps certainly does not disappoint! It’s absolutely gorgeous and my photos do not do this polish justice. You really need to have it on your nails to appreciate how beautiful it truly is!

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