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Fashion Friday : Biker Jacket

So today I’m browsing Mr Price’s online store, which is nothing new. I find myself on it all day-EVERYDAY and even created a shortcut to it. Seeing that Mr Price is always in the fashion loop, I knew exactly where I could find the latest fashion trend that’ll be bracing the streets this autumn and winter. Excuse the very short post today as you know me for being the rambling chatterbox.

I’ve developed a new love for this wardrobe staple and I’m so ready for month end because I’m finally purchasing a stunning one from Mr Price. You’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of this trend in upcoming months and the best part is that it can be worn in so many different ways. With a dress, jeans and even guys can rock it. I put together a collage of affordable biker jackets from Mr Price that you’ll be able to wear not only this year but next year+ . biker
As always I have different Celebrity looks to show you how to rock this trend and show you how to get the best wear out of your clothing. I love how you can have one garment and create so many different looks with it. Below is some celeb looks that shows you how to wear your biker jacket!Untitled


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