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Make-Up Brushes + Bristles

I’ve mentioned it in a blogpost before, that I’ve got this HUGE-UNHEALTHY-ABNORMAL obsession with makeup brushes and let me add… Its far from over! I’m in the process of purchasing some more makeup brushes to add to my collection. I don’t have a big collection but mostly the essential brushes. I came across a new brand of affordable makeup brushes at Edgars called Beautique and the quality looks amazing.

I’m an avid Lauren Conrad fan and I love reading her blog. I’ve been following her career since I started watching “The Hills” and always admired her beauty… GIRL CRUSH! I stumbled upon her makeup brush guide and that gave me an idea of the brushes that I still needed to add to my collection.


I also picked up on some handy tricks from LC that I never knew : One distinction to note is the difference between synthetic and natural bristles. •Opt for natural bristle brushes when applying anything powdered. •Liquids will soak into natural bristles and cause them to clog or degrade. So reach for synthetic bristles when applying foundation or any cream formulas.


My makeup brush collection consists out of a set I bought at Legit, A four piece set from Zando, A brush I got in the Rooirose magazine and two Essence brushes. I love Essence brushes BTW and I can’t wait to add the rest of them to my collection.

Tip : If you don’t have special makeup brush shampoo or whatever professional product that one uses to wash makeup brushes, opt for baby shampoo. Its more gentle on bristles and it will also result in clean/soft/bacteria free brushes!



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