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{DIY} Hot Chocolate


For those who knows me and have been reading City Girl Vibe since like FOREVER, would know that I’m quite the experimenter. I enjoy Coffee Shops, fall in love with tea and have more caffeine running through my veins than blood BUT I do however love my hot chocolate in between.

So seeing that the weather is crazy/rainy here in Cape Town AND that easter is still in full swing… I came up with a little experiment. If you’ve still got Easter Eggs left after this long weekend then this little DIY is for you. I was craving some hot choc but realised that I have run out only after I heated the milk so I thought WHAT THE HECK… You’re not a chocolate fan so you might as well make hot chocolate (weird that I don’t like choc but love hot choc… Whatevs anyway) and this is what I came up.

What I used : •2 small eggs •Milk

Method : •Heat Milk in the microwave or on the stove for 1 minute. •Add your chocolate egg •When you see the milk changing colour, stir well and VIOLA!


Its that easy. This recipe/DIY is however adjustable. You can make it healthier by using fat free milk or add extra choc eggs or add sugar if its not sweet enough for you. I can just imagine what Lindt would taste like in this DIY. I can however assure you that this DIY tastes like the real thing and you can barely taste the difference between the real hot choc and my experiment.

With that being said, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and if you do decide to try this, let me know how it turned out! Happy Easter Sunday darlings. P.s tell me your easter bunny name.



One thought on “{DIY} Hot Chocolate

  1. Smartie Poop or is isn’t “Smartie Peep” lol, rather late than never. Totally loved this idea because I’m a chocoholic and Hot Choc can be expensive! Thank You So Much For this amazing idea:)

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