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Bloggers And Bags : Imka – Glamorous Glitter #6

IMKAIt’s been months since I last did a post on a Saturday but due to me being lazy and not wanting to blog weekdays, I thought I’d take a peek into another blogger’s handbag. I’m almost at the end of my “Bloggers and Bags” series and I’ve had so much fun getting to know all my fav bloggers. Today I introduce to you the glitter loving, Wakaberry addict, Makeup collector, bookworm… among others.. but in short IMKA! Read Glamorous Glitter over here

This is what’s happening in Iemmie’s handbag :
photo (2)
My handbag

Polo handbag I got for my 21st birthday. It’s my fave handbag to use all the time! photo

-Pink Typo Daily Planner: Being organized is key when you are a blogger, student, student assistant and tutor.
-Kleenex Hand Wipes: Nothing is more annoying than having dirty hands and having to touch stuff. Ugh!
-Pink Glasses Case: Bought it on a whim for Mr Price and now it’s perfect for carrying both my free sunglasses from —Elle magazine and my prescription Guess glasses.
-Woollies body butter: I use it as a general moisturizer during the day as I hate having dry skin 😦
-Student card: for access to university and discounts! Duh
-Pen: Probably the cutest pen I own. I am in love with the pink and polka dots in the pen. I got the pen for my 21st bday and it’s from Campo Marzio designs.
-Wallet: no need to explain. It’s from Mr Price.
-And I never leave the house without my Blackberry.
The black pouch I got from China Town and I carry all my lip products in. I don’t ever touch up my makeup during the day, but always, always, always carry enough lip products to moisturize and colour the town with, with me! photo (1)Lip products: BabyLips, Zambuck, Lip Smackers, Woolies Lip Balm, e.l.f lipstick, a few Rimmel lipsticks, Claire Gloss was a gift, no name gloss from China Town, Balm Balm lip balm, Woolies Stain Removing Wipes and some hand sanitizer again.

Thank You so much Imka for taking the time to do a post on City Girl Vibe. Totes want to snatch your handbag and a few things in it!
Don’t forget to connect with Imka on :


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