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Blackcherry Handbags

294945_10151434452251416_1260857093_nI’ve said it many times before and Ill say it again… I’M A HUGE HANDBAG FREAK. Saturday mornings drive’s to Landsdowne have become a regular thing over the past few weeks. My sisters and I spend hours long periods of times falling in love with Blackcherry handbags.

There’s only one thing I hate and that’s wanting everything. I always mentally prepare myself saying that I can only choose ONE handbag and I end up buying NOTHING because I can’t bring myself to leaving the store with one handbag only!

The huge variety of handbags in store is amazing. They even have cute heart shaped purses and scarves. One thing that also stood out to me was the great service. The next time I go to their store, I’m definitely going to snap pictures. At the moment I have two handbags and they are beyond gorgeous. 2013-03-13 18.08.31Buuuut because I’m a “list maker” , I decided to make myself a list of all the handbags I’m going to buy just to prevent myself from buying nothing… Buying nothing is just a sin! The prices of Blackcherry handbags are incredible! There’s prices to suit everyone’s budget which is great for students like me that’s constantly broke. blackcherryFor those darlings that’s not Cape Town based, don’t fret! You can shop for stunning handbags on and also, Style 36 is currently running a 13% off EVERYTHING… Yes you read heard me, EVERYTHING for the next 13hours. So shop for Blackcherry handbags lovies.

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