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Fashion Friday : Denim Shirts

Trust all you darlings had a productive week and are just as relieved as I am that the weekend is finally here! Today’s fashion inspiration is one of my fave ones as I believe that denim can never get “old”. Its just one of those timeless classics that can be worn by both dudes and dudettes, the young and the crispy… I’m sure you catch my drift!

Today however, I’m talking Denim Shirts. I just love all the different ways you can style a denim shirt. Its just one of those classic fashion items that everybody should have in their closet. I was browsing Mr Price’s online store as always and noticed that denim shirts are quite “popular” and even came across a post that shows you how to create 5 different looks with one shirt! Stunning hey? And the best part is… There’s such a huge selection at affordable prices.
Add a statement neck piece with your. denim shirt and you’ll be strutting a more edgy, hip and fresh look instantly.
Without further rambling, my top celebrity looks are easy + laid back and I even added some man candy this week, that’s why I included something for the guys aswell.


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