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Bloggers And Bags : Odette – O So Inspired #4

Today I feature the lovely Odette from O so inspired . Odette has an inspirational, fashion, DIY and crafts blog which is something different from your ordinary blog and I absolutely love reading her blog. Thank you for participating in “Bloggers and Bags” Odette. Here goes..

Even though I love bags, I haven’t bought any for a while. A while back my mother threatened to throw all my bags out if I brought any more, according to her I have too many as they were all over the house. Since then I have thrown a few out, those were some of my worn out favourites. Currently, my favourite bag is neither designer nor is it expensive. In fact it may very well be the cheapest bag I own. My mother bought me this pink and orange butterfly bag nearly six years ago for a mere R10 at the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg. This bag has outlasted more expensive bags that I owned and I’ve used this bag almost everywhere. It’s big enough to carry everything that I need and I don’t carry much around.
My camera’s battery died so I was unable to photograph the contents of my make up bag, which I got for a mere R25 at a local store. I don’t wear much make up on a daily basis, so all I carry around lipgloss, eye liner, hand sanitizer and hand lotion, little red dress perfume (the handbag size), a hair band, some bobby pins and some lady products that I always carry around in case of emergencies. There isn’t any space in my make up bag for my pack of tissues. I suffer from sinus so I always carry tissues around just in case. My purse I got from Mr Price, I love pink and floral patterns. The XPS notepad and pen I got from my dad, he receives such a lot of pens and notepads he gives most to me. Normally I just make notes of things that I need to buy in it. My key holder is emptier than what it used to be. I had a ton of keys and key rings, but I removed all the keys that I no longer needed and quite a few of my key rings broke. At the moment I only have three key rings on my holder, the Italian flag because I want to visit Italy, a beaded ‘G’, which I received from one of my best friends and a leather Southern Comfort key ring that I found on our patio table one morning after my brother had his friends over. Unclaimed items found in my house belong to me. I also painted my keys with nail polish after spending far too much time on Pinterest. I’ve had my BB curve for nearly two years now. It has a crack on the left side of the screen. I fixed it with a small piece of insulation tape, don’t judge me. Other than sporadically freezing, my BB has been good to me. Not pictured is a book/my Kindle to pass time while riding. The biggest book I that I read recently which fit into my butterfly bag is Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. I’m currently reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo on my Kindle, but I have not found a cover I love so I’m afraid of it getting scratched in my bag.
Thank you Tasneem, for giving me this opportunity and my apologies for writing such a long piece. With most occasions I do not talk much, but sometimes I’m like Pringles. Once I pop, I can’t stop.

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