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Shopping online with Scarlett Boulevard

I LOVE LOVE LOVE online shopping and one of my most loved online stores would have to be Scarlett Boulevard. I’ve blogged about Scarlett Boulevard before, over here and here but I decided to do another post to inform your darlings on a few changes.

At the moment Scarlett Boulevard is having a major sale and selling all their accessories at a crazy reduced price before/after they switch currencies. Ofcourse there were a few things that I just had to have! My order will be arriving in two because one of the darlings over at SB lives all the way in the UK and she sends it from there. These are the 3 goodies I received in my first package :
In a previous post I said that I loved this owl cuff and then I spotted it on Scarlett Boulevard for only R50! Their prices are extremely affordable compared to many online stores and even normal stores, that’s why I love buying from them.

Soooo… Hurry over to Scarlett Boulevard over here .
Follow them on Twitter .
And like their Facebook page .


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