Must Have Mondays

Must Have Monday : Mavala

I love trying new brands ALL THE TIME and discovering that their products works wonders is always a plus for me. I’ve heard about Mavala before but never knew that they made other products besides nail polish alone.

I’ve been browsing Mavala’s website and fell in love with so many of their products and ofcourse I want everything. I can’t believe that I only became aware of Mavala last year and they’ve been around for many years! (I’ve been living under a rock… Table Mountain ofcourse!) I need to get Mavalafied and I need to get Mavalafied SOON. Here’s my Mavala lust list :
I was fortunate enough to try one of Mavala’s “show time” collection polishes and I’ve been smitten ever since. I’ve tried so many glitter polishes before and I always end up disappointed because the glitter never rubs off or sticks to the brush/applicator. I achieved this look with one coat only. I’ve worked in water all week and its still like the first day I applied it. This might just be my new fav nail polish brand. I need more!
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