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Juicy Fruit!

Its been a while since I last did a product review on CGV and I’ve tried quite a few lovely goodies in the mean while but I thought I’d start off with something that I’m loving the most at the moment.

The Peach Blush Whisked Body Butter was one of the gifts I got from Diva Desle for my birthday and I’ve been loving it ever since I opened my box. I could smell it even when the box was still close. Its an extremely long lasting fragrance that stays on your skin for hours. Its incredibly moisturising.
Firstly I fell in love with the packaging. Its so colourful, fun and attractive. I’d definitely pick it if I spotted it in Woolworths. If you ever wondered what summer smells like… THIS IS IT! The body butter is very fruity and I find it to work best after a bath or shower. The texture of the body butter is very thick and creamy so it spreads over your body thoroughly, something that I love in a good quality body butter.
The Peach Blush Whisked Body Butter is packed with peach extract and shea butter. Perfect for soothing those super dry areas and giving your skin a lovely natural glow! If you’re scouting a new body butter, definitely give this one a try. I don’t know the price of this product but its exclusive to Woolworths.

P.s I was also very impressed with the “beauty Journey” of this product.


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