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Bloggers And Bags : Siobhan – For The Love Of Makeup And Nailart #3

For today’s Bloggers and Bags I’m featuring the nail art Guru over at For The Love Of Makeup And Nail Art. She’s an absolute darling. I can text her ANYTIME asking for any advice or help. She’s definitely the person that got me into the habit of blogging and she’s an incredibly creative soul. Meet Siobhan!

Ok what’s in my bag?
My whole life and some more hehe.

My bag is nothing special. I got it from the fleamarket stall and I loved the print and size so I had to have it!
my bag
Luckily I have a big bag so I can store my life in there!
In my bag you’ll find:
Essence Nude lipgloss,
Some mints.

Then there’s my wallet and two little cases.
In one little purple change wallet I have my daisy pink earphones.
In the other silver makeup bag I have my ID, clinic card, feminine harpoons, soap sheets, a manicure scissors, compact mirror, wetwipes and toothpicks and a spare hairband.

Then I also have some hand sanitizer as well toilet cleaning spray (to clean the toilet seat before sitting).

Thank you my Tazzy for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your blog.

Love Von Von.

Don’t forget to read V’s blog on
Follow her on Twitter @vonimoller


3 thoughts on “Bloggers And Bags : Siobhan – For The Love Of Makeup And Nailart #3

  1. Thank you for featuring me Tazzy 😀 so honoured!
    I actually went through everything in my bag after this post. I think I need a cleanup! There’s things I missed to add!

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