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Fashion Friday : Backpacks



I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. I hope all you Vibers had a productive week. Today is the last day of Orientation for me, then I officially start university Monday on my birthday AND I write my first test…Boohoo! Today my fashion friday post is inspired by something that I’ve been spotting at orientation week, on celebs and in store/online stores.

Today’s fashion “must have” is definitely fitting especially now that I’m currently running the “Bloggers and Bags” series on my blog along with all my fave bloggers. I’m actually hopping to find a blogger that rocks their backpack or even a guy to participate in B&B. I’ve been noticing girls shifting from the usual oversized bags to trendy new backpacks. I’m not currently looking for one but I do however love looking at them. These are the bargain buys and splurges that I spotted…



Its always nice seeing how other people would wear and style their accessories right? I’m not sure that I would rock the backpack trend ESPECIALLY seeing that it hangs behind your back and you never know when somebody might “pick pocket” you, we do live in South Africa after all(not exactly crime free). I guess this is one of those trends that I would regard as “it works great for other people, but just not me”. With that being said, these are my top celeb picks for this week.



P.s I’d like to wish my bestie/sister/second brain/partner in crime, a very happy 21st birthday. I hope you enjoy your day and may the almighty grant you many many many more years filled with love, happiness, blessings and success. Lots of love to you Sakeenah.
{One of my biggest blog supporters}.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday : Backpacks

  1. As usual yet another blog that I love & btw I love to rock the backpacks as I am not a big fan of handbags lol.
    And another reason to love this blog is because I’m featured in it lol, thanks so much doll! Love you lots:)

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