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Bloggers And Bags : Charlene – Gee Whiskers #2



Today I’m featuring the beautiful Charlene from . I love reading her blog especially her beauty reviews. Thank You Charlene for taking the time out to do a guest post for me. Here Goes :

A handbag is such a personal thing and it’s always fascinating to see what people carry around with them – even more so when you look at the contents of your own handbag. I recently downscaled my handbag size because with it being Summer I didn’t want to be carting a huge bag around with me in the heat. So that also meant that I had to scale back on a lot of things I carry around. I was quite surprised to see how much I carry with me and never actually use. So this is my scaled down makeup bag and the handbag I carry my goodies around in.
In my handbag
1. The Body Shop Mono Eyeshadow. I chose a dusty, light pink because it doubles as a blush as well.
2. Physicians Formula Gel Eye Liners in Purple and Brown. The main reason why I carry these are to change up the look of the eyeshadow. I am able to create different looks without carrying extra eyeshadows. These are really fantastic eye liners that go on quickly and smoothly.
3. Clinique Power Lash Mascara. This is long lasting and the tube is also smaller than other mascaras which makes it ideal for a makeup bag. When you choose a mascara for your makeup bag, you have to make sure that it’s one that gives great results all the time. When you are out and about you can’t correct clumpy lashes or smudges very easily.

1. Opal Black blush that I got in a Rubybox a while ago. I like having matte looking skin so this comes in handy when I get a bit of a shine.
2. Elizabeth Arden Kabuki brush to apply the blush. It’s nice and compact and applies brush and bronzer so incredibly well.
3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream Sun Defense for Face with SPF 50+. I am all about protecting my skin from premature ageing and the biggest cause of wrinkles in sun damage. So I’ve stocked up on these little tubes especially for my handbag.

1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Tinted Lip Protectant in Blush. I’ve mentioned many times on my blog how much I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream range. The lip protectant stick is so good at moisturising my lips and the tint is beautiful.
2. Kiehl’s Lip Gloss. I won this in a competition and before this I never use to wear lip glosses. In fact, I pretty much hated lip gloss. But this is such a gem. I love the beautiful berry colour and the non-sticky formula.

1. Loccitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. This costs R100 for a little tube…yes that is quite expensive but this is a must for all women.

1. Hairbands
2. Hairpins
3. Nail File

Thank You Charlene for the lovely post! Don’t forget to follow Charlene on :

Twitter : @Gee_Whiskers
Instagram : geewhiskers


9 thoughts on “Bloggers And Bags : Charlene – Gee Whiskers #2

  1. The makeup bag I use is a Paul & Joe one from the previous autumn/winter collection, it is the perfect size! Just long enough for brushes and wide enough for a large selection of goodies but still small enough to carry in a handbag filled with a lot of other things.

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