Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday : Peplum

The Peplum trend’s been making it’s appearance in 2012 and I have a feeling that it’ll be around for a little while longer. I love how feminine and flattering it is on the body . SOME peplum’s can add curves and there’s some that can hide it. The Peplum trend can be worn in warmer and colder weather.

Today my outfit is from both Zando and Mr Price. Its abit on the pricey side compared to my usual Fashion Friday but what the heck?! You can’t put a price on fabulous fashion right? So let’s not mention the price for now… I just adore the Chain Print peplum top. It reminds me of the Chain Print post i did last year.


You can however find a variety of affordable Peplum style tops, dresses and skirts from my fave store Mr Price. Just click here!

Celebrities that’s been rocking this trend the most are definitely the Kardashian sisters, especially Kim. I’m not a Kardashian fan but Kim really knows how to rock this trend and she looks great! The only question I have… Which Kardashian wears it best?




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