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January Favourites

I’m loving January thus far. Today is my last day at home for a long time so I’m just trying to enjoy it. I’ve got quite a few fave things for January that’s been making my life “easier” and that I’ve been enjoying. 

Its officially 13 days to my birthday… Yaaay me! Enough with the rambling. Here’s my favourite items on my January list :



– Moroccan Oil : I started using Moroccan Oil as soon as I Ombre’d my hair and its the most amazing oil that I’ve ever used! I also love the smell of it. A little goes a long way and is even suitable for all hair types.

– Essence Makeup Brushes : I’ve blogged about my obsession with makeup brushes before and these two are my absolute fave. Whenever I go to Clicks, I have to pick up one of their brushes to add to my collection. But Ill do a full post on it sometime next week.

– Garnier BB Cream : I’m loving Garnier’s BB cream that I got with my Pro Active range here and Ill do a full review on it for Thursday. Definitely a life save for someone like me that doesn’t wear much makeup. Very affordable too, compared to other BB creams.

– Mr Price Turquoise Denim Skirt : My most loved clothing item that I bought in December is definitely this turquoise denim skirt from Mr Price. It looks super cutesy when dressed up. Besides… Its from Mr Price! My “go to” store. I wish I bought it in every colour but unfortunately there’s only this colour left.

– Kimmidoll Notebook : My Kimmidoll notebook is my lifesaver. I paid R179 for it at Exclusive Books and I use it for all my notes, blogposts and things that I have to attend to. It has a cute little lock on it. I wish I had one in each Kimmidoll.


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