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{Review} Love Forever

Since starting my blog a little over a year ago, I’ve discovered many products and brands. I feel that 2013 will be no different. We’re only 8 days into January and I already discovered a new brand. If you love shopping for beauty products at Clicks then you must’ve noticed that they currently having a really great sale on many of their beauty brands. I know all my fav beauty bloggers have been taking advantage of it and now I know why!

I’m not quite sure if these products were on sale but judging by the price that I paid… It just had to be. I picked both these up for R59.98. The body butter was. R34.99 and the hand cream R24.99.
Firstly I was drawn to the packaging. How cutesy are these right?! There’s more products to the “Love Forever” range but I went with these two first just so I could test the waters before spending on something that wouldn’t work.

I can never leave my home without a handcream in my handbag. I’m very fussy when it comes to hand creams. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for a really long time and I thought its by time that I switched from my current one as it made my hands feel sticky. Love Forever is like quality meets bargain meets the perfect hand lotion in a tube! I’m not exaggerating when I say that its the best hand lotion that I’ve ever used. Its extremely moisturising and absorbs into my hands effortlessly. If you’ve ever tried watermelon Chappie bubble gum, this is what this smells like. Just a more subtle, toned down version with a hint of rose.
The other product that I tried was the Love Forever Body Butter. If you’re looking for the perfect body butter that leaves your skin smooth, soft, pampered and well moisturised… THIS IS IT. It works wonders after bathing and showering. Its jam packed with shea and cocoa butter. It literally glides onto your skin and absorbs super fast. I love that about a body butter, other than it just leaving your skin feeling greasy.
Know what this brand reminds me of? A grown up version of Tinkerbell lotion. I always have something negative to add to and make my reviews as honest as possible but I would absolutely recommend these two products to anybody that needs a quality handcream and body butter. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the body butter’s lid was like a kind of a mirror and if it scratches, it looks really ugly .

So if you spot this at any Clicks store, be sure to check it out. Its exclusive to Clicks and let me add… Its made right here in South Africa! I always love using locally manufactured brands and this just happens to be one if those.


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