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Online Shopping With Zando

Today I’m back after a long break which comes with the festive cheers.If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I’ve been all over and hardly at home which means hardly time to blog. Don’t despair, I’m back with an updated blog, new buttons, new header and new content for 2013!

Shopping is one of my most loved things to do but shopping during the festive season is like asking for a mini heart attack… And then came ZANDO. Zando is EVERYWHERE! I sometimes create my “Fashion Friday” posts from Zando and I thought its by time that I do some Zando shopping of my own. Online shopping is the perfect option if crowdy malls are not your thing and with a huge selection of fashion, beauty and home items… Zando is where my shopping addiction led me.

The moment I “entered” their online store, I was like a kid in a candy store! I had no idea where to start because I wanted to be everywhere. I loved how user-friendly their online store was. There’s also price ranges for those who’d like to stay within budget(Under R300) and those who’d like to go on a little splurge.

I firstly went with something that I really needed and that was a pair of white leggings. Zando kinda got my size/order wrong but I tried it on and it fit perfectly and I was grateful for that or else I’d have to return it. I then continued browsing and found some really lovely stuff for my sisters and I that kept me under the amount that I wanted to spend.
I’ve blogged about my Makeup Brush obsession before and I was shocked
to find a really amazing 4 piece set for only R99… Bargain right?!
But that’s an excuse for a blogpost on its own.
I called Zando the day before my order was expected to arrive as I needed my leggings for a function and I honestly didn’t think that I would get it on time because of the reply I got…”Your order is still at our warehouse” but the Zando fairies worked their magic and it arrived the following morning. That’s a brand plus in my books!

All in all… I was really impressed with their service and I’m definitely going to shop on Zando again. Know how with online shopping you have to have a credit card or those EFT jazz? Well with Zando, you can pay cash on delivery and let me add that DELIVERY IS FREE! Now that’s a reason why you should consider Zando and another thing, if
you shop with them now you score a R50 voucher to spend on WHATEVER you like!



3 thoughts on “Online Shopping With Zando

  1. Zando is an online fashion retailer with over 200 local and international fashion brands from House of Dereon to Craig Port , whether you are looking for womens knee-high boots or want to buy Puma gear online Zando makes shopping so convenient that you don’t even need to lift a finger other than clicking on your mouse. Even better they offer free delivery and returns throughout South Africa and get this their couriers even wait at the door while you try on your purchases so that they can return it if it doesn’t fit!

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