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Garnier Pure Active Range

The lovely people over at Garnier sent me some lovely goodies and I regard it as a christmas prezzie seeing that I don’t celebrate christmas. Since we’re heading well into those crazy hot days in Cape Town, I’m now into a new facial/beauty routine. In my parcel I received their Pure Active Range, a spanking new red ipod and some BB cream but Ill do a separate review for that to prevent this from being a ridiculously long post.
I’m doing this post in the order that I use the products and the first product is :

Garnier – Pure Active : Exfo Brusher Wash. This product is perfect for people that has blackheads and also for preventing blackheads. The soft little brush really works the product in nicely . A little goes a long way and it foams up really well so you don’t end up using a lot. Tip : do not get this in your eyes or even close to your eyes because it burns like hell. It has strong peppermint smell/feeling to it so be careful when using it. Other than that, I love this product! This removes dead skin cells and visibly reduces shine.
Garnier – Pure : Daily deep clean foaming gel. This is perfect for tightening pores and shine control. Your “T zone” area is always the oiliest area and this product is perfect to cleanse that area. Its also very “foamy” so a tad bit is enough to cover your entire face. You can feel this product working from the first use and a bonus is that its tested on blemished prone skin and has proven effectiveness.
Garnier – Pure Active : Spot purifying toner. This product is aimed at fighting spots and fading marks. I found this toner to be a tad too harsh for my skin so I have to dilute it with water. After diluting it with some water, I find it to work perfectly with the rest of the range. I gently pat this onto my skin with some cotton pads after using the daily deep clean foaming gel and rinsing it off.
Garnier – Pure Active : 24hr moisturiser . This is by far my fav product out of the bunch. It claims to last for 24 hours but I find it to last just a couple of hours and that’s enough for me. The pump bottle is amazing. This is a lovely finish to the rest of the pure active range. Any makeup or even the BB cream works wonders when used after this moisturiser.
Over all I’m really loving this range and I find that you get the best results when using it together. I’d definitely use this range again. The travel bag and ipod will definitely come handy when I leave for my vacation in April (far I know) but time flies! Thank Your Garnier for the amazing products, BB cream review coming soon.

With that being said, I’d like to wish all City Girl Vibe readers a joyous Christmas filled with love, laughter, blessings in abundance, beautiful gifts, cheerful memories and loads of yummy food. Be safe lovies!


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