Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday : Spikes and Studs

Happy friday to all you amazing City Girl Vibe supporters. Firstly I’d like to say thank you for entering my giveaway and Congratulations to Annabel Biggar Davids for being drawn as the winner (as seen in my vid). Thank you to all those who voted for me in the Glamour Summer Pinterest Project and also an advance Merry Christmas. I will be blogging till the 28th of December because I’ve been skipping days this week.

With that being said, let’s hop to the fashion part of this post. On this fabulous fashion friday, I’m focusing on something that’s been all over the runway, in stores, online and also making appearances on celebs … Studs! Studs are huge and are MOST(not all) of the time combined with spikes. To give it a bit more of a girly/feminine feel to it, mix it with some pastels. I love going BOLD so I ordered the pants and shoes from Mr Price online so that I can save on the limited time only free delivery. Its easy and light = Perfect for a summers day. My outfit today retails for a tad bit over my usual under R500 target at R549. 91. Not too bad right? Right!
I don’t know about you but I’m loving this trend. Another bonus is that even guys can rock this trend judging from the pic of the Biebs below. Its so easy to pull off whether its on your collar like LC or even normal items like jewellery or a handbag. Here’s my style inspiration for the day!


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