I came, I saw, I snapped a picture!!!

The Wildest Place In Africa

Monday I decided that I wanted to do something for Reconciliation Day seeing that the weather’s way too perfect to spend it indoors. I headed down to Ratanga Junction because I reckoned that it would be a great way to cool down instead of the beach. The plan was that we’d “lock open” Ratanga and “lock close”… Meaning be there first and leave there last and of course that’s what we did.

Let me start off by saying that the lines were cray cray long but that didn’t stop us from going on any of the rides! One thing that I really loved about the staff is that they have this amazing energy and are they’re extremely friendly.

My first ride was the Monkey Falls. I’ve been on that ride many times before but I forgot what it felt like and after the first slope where the cam took our picture, I could honestly feel a big mac coming up… Just imagine what the picture looked like. I had major LOL moments. After the first ride, I WAS SOAKING WET! *Watch the vid*

Ride Info : With a drop of 18,5m, this is one of the highest log flume rides in the world and is amongst the most thrilling of the rides in the park.
To recover from the Monkey Falls, I went on the Diamond Devil Run afterward just so my clothes could dry. Then it just got wet all over again when I went on the Crocodile Gorge. The Crocodile Gorge used to be my fav ride at the park but now I’m a sucker for the Monkey Falls even though I still love the CG
Round about lunch time we took a bit of a break and bought lunch at one of the many takeout places at the park and watched “No Trespassing” performing on stage. Let me add that entertainment is plenty… And FREE!
Before going back on the rides, lunch had to digest or else there’d be vom everywhere things wouldn’t end well… If you know what I mean. I decided to take a looksee at the massive snakes at the park.
I’m planning on going back next month before I start with university. I’m sure things would be a bit quieter. If you’re a Capetonian and you haven’t been to the wildest place in Africa… SHAME ON YOU! It’s definitely the place to be this summer.


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