Fashion Fridays

Fashion Fridays : Hats

Today my fashion friday post is all about fun in the sun. I think its safe to say that hats aren’t only used for church. This is the season where you actually have to use your hats for protection against the sun and not only as a fashion statement. You get quite stunning sun hats that would compliment your outfit while serving a purpose.

If you spend wisely you can achieve the perfect summer look with an outfit from Mr Price (Obvs). I always aim for outfits under R500 and this week I absolutely achieved it. I’m all for accessories but not at the beach because you always end up loosing things. If you’re opting for a kaftan to the beach during the day, go for flats (nobody wears heels to the beach… Or so I’d think). To a pool party at night, switch it with wedges.
Different strokes for different folks. Everybody has different fashion styles and tastes so go for a hat that suits your style. If you don’t have moola to buy a new outfit, go with things that you already have… Like these celebs over here!
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4 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays : Hats

  1. Uber cute summery beach outfit!! It makes me wanna go on holiday…somewhere tropical! Mmm! And hats are REALLY summery hey? They just make you wanna go somewhere so you can wear them! Love it!

  2. So i’m choosing blogs and forums which may have really special information on what exactly is any way you like plus how much the perfect shelves is without a doubt..

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