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I’m a Hoity Toity kind of girl

So last week the darlings over at Hoity Toity sent me a lovely bag filled with Hoity Toity’s Original range. How spoilt am I? From body lotion to perfume and even roll on. This is the best gift by far as I’m a huge Hoity Toity fan Every girl needs to be as sassy as Lola right?!
I started off with the body lotion as its the ONLY Hoity Toity product that I haven’t tried yet and let me say that its silk in a bottle! It glides onto your skin and the fragrance is heavenly. Its enriched with Vitamin E & Glycerine. What I loved most about the body lotion is that it doesn’t leave your skin greasy or a fake shine. It also absorbs into your skin fast so you won’t have the hassles of it staining or rubbing onto your clothes. I would however not recommend you to use this lotion over sunburned skin.
For Sunday’s Red Bull Flugtag, I needed a roll-on that would keep me dry but still smell amazing because the heat at the V&A was insane. This darling over here worked like a bomb. Its alcohol free so you won’t be left with irritated armpits. I’m very picky when it comes to roll-on because with most roll-ons, too much product comes off when rolling it onto your armpits, it stains your clothes and leaves you feeling uncomfy. That’s why I loved this roll-on, the perfect amount rubs onto your skin which means you’re saving with each roll!
When I was a tad bit younger(meaning in high-school), before using perfume my fave “go to” deodorant were the different Hoity Toity perfume body sprays in the variety box. It lasted for weeks. In my gift I received a smaller bottle and a big anti perspirant deodorant which is perfect for your gym bag. I love spraying this onto my body after I showered. Seriously the best thing about Hoity Toity’s sprays are that the bottles are actually filled compared to different brands that skimps.
As you can tell, I make my reviews as honest as possible but I JUST CAN’T FIND FAULT HERE! I always carry my Hoity Toity Perfume with me because its small enough to carry in my handbag.
My only wish is for Lentheric to launch the full Chic Alors range and I would be completely smitten with Hoity Toity. Thank you to the amazing lady that gave me an early Christmas/21st Birthday gift and for love letter from Lola! Hoity Toity gift sets also makes beautiful Christmas gifts. Find it at any Edgars, Clicks, PnP and a few other stores.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Hoity Toity kind of girl

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  2. I so love hoity toity products I wish someone could give me hoity toity hamper as a gift from the lotion to the roll on to the perfume. I mean everything

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