Things I Heart ♥

New York State Of Mind

There’s so many places that I would love to see one-day but the one CITY at the top of my list is definitely New York. One day when I’m rolling in the (Deep) moola. I want a huge shopping spree for my birthday. Today I felt like taking a bite out of the big apple and make my New York City wishlist of all the items that I want. I’m pretty sure I’m sounding like Rachel Berry right now but all these MUST HAVE goodies are on my list.
•I instantly fell in love with this DKNY perfume when I smelled it in the latest Edgars Club Magazine. I rubbed my wrist on the page nonstop!

• This wall clock is stunning! Its perfect for your room or even office. I spotted this on 5rooms and its definitely one of the best ones I’ve spotted.

• Spotted this mug at Typo. I think everybody should have a “I ♥ NY” item and this is what I want.

•As I’ve mentioned a million times that I’m a huge handbag person. This canvas bag is from Asos.

•Summer is here so light tshirts are definitely a MUST. This is from TopShop and can also be worn is winter with something over/under.

• I heart nail-polish and makeup. When I first saw this polish and palette on Claire’s blog, I just knew I had to have it. Its very “City Girl Vibe-ish”!. Now the hunt starts to finding it. I love Cartrice products.

P.S : I made it to @GLAMOUR_sa’s Top 10 Summer Pinterest Project. Could you lovies PRETTY PLEASE vote for me(Tasneem)? Just click here . I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you to all those amazing people that already voted and those that will vote. It means a lot to know that you darlings care.


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