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SOiL {Organic Bodycare} Review

Last week I mentioned that the lovely Lynette, Beauty Editor of Elle Magazine sent me wonderful gifts. One being the Dior Lipstick and the others being Sensual Hibiscus body lotion and body wash from SOiL Organic.

SOiL is a certified organic range of aromatherapy and body products. I love using a balance between Organic products and “normal” products from time to time. This was the first I’ve ever heard or seen this brand so I was quite excited to dig into it and try it out.

The Full Sensual Hibiscus Range

The Full Sensual Hibiscus Range

First off let me comment on the packaging. I instantly fell in love with this packaging. Its really girly and eye catching right? One thing I hate about bath and body products, are stickers as labeling. Things tend to get really messy when you go into the shower with your bottles and the stickers gets wet. (P.s this looks gorgeous in the shower, on my dresser and even in the toilet for when guests visits).

The first thing I used was the Sensual Hibiscus Bodywash. It took me a bit of time getting used to the smell. It still makes my nose very itchy but with some Allergex, I’m all good. This doesn’t foam up alot and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The scent stays on your skin all day and its perfect to relax you after a long day.
My second product is the Sensual Body Lotion. I prefer this over the body wash. It doesn’t irritate my nose at all and its extremely moisturizing. This is like liquid silk being applied to your body. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or heavy at all. I also use this as a hand lotion/cream because it soothes all those dry areas.
All in all. I’m not sure if Ill use the body wash again but Ill definitely use the body lotion. I’m pretty sure that NOT everybody would experience the whole allergies thing like I did, therefore I would encourage you to try it for yourself.


2 thoughts on “SOiL {Organic Bodycare} Review

  1. Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash left my skin so soft right from moment one that it actually felt like I didn’t need lotion. My skin didn’t feel dry or tight after use, just soft and smooth. Of course I still used lotion afterwards! If you’re like me, most body washes leave your skin feeling a bit tight, especially when used with hot water. This has yet to happen while using Nivea Touch of Smooth Moisturizing Body Wash, and I love my showers hot. My skin feels like I just bathed in lotion even while in the shower. And the smooth, silky feeling seems to last forever, even if I forget to put lotion on or skip a shower. Even though it’s cold and dry here, my skin hasn’t gotten that itchy, dry feeling…and no flakes is a definite bonus. Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash has Hydra IQ, which is what gives the “intense, long-lasting moisturization throughout the day.” And the back of the bottle claims are no lie!

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