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Must Have Monday : SLAP WATCH

slap watch logo
A few months back I blogged about Slap Watch (the only watch I wear) and I’m still loving it to bits. I mentioned that I don’t like watches but for some reason I just LOVE wearing my Slap Watch. The awesome people over at SLAP™ WATCH decided to spoil me with my fav colour Slap Watch and of course I’m in love with it.
Since I last blogged about Slap Watch, the Slap fairies have been busy busy busy! New Slap SLAP™ WATCH were launched and its looking more trendier than ever. The thing with SLAP™ WATCH is, you can buy a few watches and switch their faces to match your outfit so you’re never bored with it.

I’ve had many watches that slaps around your wrist and to be totally honest, its just a waste of time (no pun intended) and money. After a few weeks, the band becomes worn out and it doesn’t slap at all. I can truly say that my SLAP™ WATCH still “slaps” and wraps around my wrist months after. Shockingly due to the fact that I slap mine so much. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again “IF IT DOESN’T SAY SLAP, IT’S NOT A SLAP™ WATCH”, so don’t go out buying fake shit stuff! Buy the real deal at hot online fashion.
If you’re still on the lookout for christmas gifts, Slap Watch has made matters easier for you. There’s a huge selection of colours and fashionable prints for both male, female and kids(Slap Watch Junior). This makes for an amazing christmas gift and would be perfect to count the new year down, right?!


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