Must Have Mondays

Must Have Monday : Sunblock

Another monday and another monday closer to year end. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. Me and my list making brings me to another “Must Have Monday” and today on my must have monday list, I’m all for sun-block. This shouldn’t only be on my must have list but rather everyone else’s.

The biggest misconception that people have is that you don’t have to wear sun-block when the sun isn’t out… Eeeeeh… Wrong! Sunblock should be used all year round by EVERYBODY [Male, Female, Baby, Ouma, Oupa] . It is spring/summer now so we should be taking a little bit extra care of our skin and give it all the health benefits that it requires.

Canser Association of South Africa (Cansa) have indicated that most South African manufactured sunscreen products are “not optimal” in providing protection from the UVA rays of the sun. Therefore we have to be incredibly careful when purchasing sunblock. Here are my Faves and the ones that I’ve only read good reviews about.


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