Must Have Mondays

Must Have Monday : Scarlett Boulevard

I’m a huge jewellery fan and even huger Scarlett Boulevard fan. I love all their goodies and how affordable they are. All their jewellery and accessories are imported from the UK but yet they so affordable!

My goal was to go on a mini Scarlett Boulevard shopping spree but then…*huge sigh*… My university acceptance letter arrived and I had to pay my registration fee. I think that was Mother Nature’s(I say that a lot lately) way of holding me off to buy some goodies because they got even more new lust worthy stock in on their online store.

Enough of my rambling! Check out their store and spoil yourself, their stock flies out super fast. Click on the Scarlett Boulevard ad/banner on the right hand side of my blog and it’ll take you right to it… GO ON…YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

This is my Scarlett Boulevard Lust Have list! Lovely hey?!



4 thoughts on “Must Have Monday : Scarlett Boulevard

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