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{Review} Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Last week I got a can of Vichy Thermal Spa Water from my mom and after a week of use and raving, she decided to take it back(sjoe! How can you give somebody something and decide you want it back?!) Well now I have to buy my own.

At first I had no idea how to use it, with some google assistance I found out how to use it and also discovered how much people really loved it so I was really excited to start using it.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water is one of the
most mineral-concentrated waters around. Its natural, pure and it is clinically proven to have health benefits for your skin such as regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protecting your skin against the city/environmental pollution . The mineral traces that can be found in the water includes the following:

• Calcium – Protects skin tissue
• Potassium – Hydrates skin cells
• Silicon – Densifies and regenerate’s skin
• Magnesium – Stimulates skin regeneration
• Iron – Oxygenates skin cells
• Manganese – Combats oxidation and stimulates healing
• Copper – Anti-inflammatory
• Zinc – For cell growth and healing

Firstly I do my usual facial routine and use the Spa-Water directly after I moisturise so that I can lock in moisture. This is the perfect product for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin types seeing that its fragrant free. It gives your skin that natural glow and makes your face more “dewy” and healthy looking. You can also use this all over your body.

You can barely feel this on your skin so you’re not left with greasy, heavy, irritable skin. On the already long list of skin benefits the Thermal Water soothes redness, itchy, stingng and sun-burned skin. Calms irritable skin after shaving/waxing/hair removal, it sets your makeup and it also treats nappy rash!

One spritz on the face in the morning, afternoon and in the evening is enough and long lasting. What I loved about this product is that it absorbs into your skin so fast and its extremely refreshing. This is a must have for summer, probably one of the most incredible products that I’ve ever reviewed on my blog.

I loved using this product for the short little week that I had it that’s why I was so “heartbroken” when she decided that her “older” self deserves it more than me. Darlings… You have to buy this! This is easy to pop into your handbag so when your skin needs an extra bit of loving, one spritz is all it takes.


5 thoughts on “{Review} Vichy Thermal Spa Water

  1. Thank you so much for informing us on this product, this is definitely the type of thing I need since I’m always out in the sun & find Sunblock rather expensive and too sticky, I hate the feeling of it but I’m really liking this product and should get it for myself!:)

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