Must Have Mondays

Must Have Monday : Handbags

Another Monday which means another must have list. Confession Hour : Darlings I have a problem, its called Handbagaholic Syndrome…Fine! Fine! That’s not a word but if it was, I swear I’d have it.

I’ve got this theory where I believe that an outfit is not complete without a handbag. If I had handbag storage space, I’d definitely have a huge collection but maybe just MAYBE that’s mother nature’s way of taming me into being satisfied with the few I do have and not being constantly broke of spending on handbags.

I don’t believe that you have to buy designer handbags just to get quality, style, convenience and all that jazz. I love Mr.Price handbags because they’re so affordable. The bigger the better though… Those huge shopper/tote handbags always tugs at my heartstrings.

If only you could see how excited I get when I speak about handbags. I love browsing online stores and store websites just to take a little looksee and see what they have. These are my current lust haves!


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