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{Review} Balm Balm

I’ve been wanting to try Balm Balm products since forever, especially because I’ve only read good amazing reviews about them. A few weeks back the lovely Claire from Ms Claira Bella waved her magic wand and all of a sudden I’m getting Balmified!
I had this review all figured out… I knew I was going to love the lipbalm because I’m a huge lipbalm fan but then I got all my products, tested it for a while and now I love everything. Quick Low Down : Balm Balm is an award winning 100% organic skincare company. I love how informative their brochures are that they insert into their packages.

I have a Balm Balm routine going and the best part is that I can use all my Balm Balm products in conjunction with my cleanser and toner. I’m not exactly sure if I’m using all my products in the correct manner but I swear my way works for me and results are evident. I’ve got a really crazy skin type which is why I’m constantly at the dermatologist so I can’t just use anything for my face but Balm Balm goes hand in hand with my treatment which to me is AMAZING because there’s really little products out there that allows this.

The first product that I used was the Little Miracle Rosehip Serum. This little beauty really is a miracle! In the morning I put a few drops of this in my water when rinsing my cleanser off and at night I use it as a moisturiser on its own. A little goes a long way so this would last you really long. My skin feels softer and more moisturised than ever! Its extremely lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all.

I then tried the Balm Balm facebalm. This is a multipurpose product. It can be used for your face, neck, lips, feet… YOU NAME IT, IT WORKS! The facebalm works wonders on mozzie (mosquito bites) and even burns! I find that traditional soothing gels doesn’t help with burns but this does. Areas that needs a bit of extra moisture? This would be your “go to” product!

The Balm Balm multi purpose lipbalm – Rose Geranium, is an absolute must have in your handbag! This is not only for females but men aswell. I feel that this an essential for summer, to protect your lips from the sun and keep it moisturised at all times. I use this during the day and one coat swept across my lips before going to bed at night. This is extremely long lasting because waking up in the morning, I still have product on my lips.

My last product is the Balm Balm Tea Tree lipbalm. I’m a huge lipstick person and constant use of lipstick causes your lips to get those little dry skin. To prevent that I use this under my lippie and you’re left with pout perfect lips!

All in all I’m extremely impressed with this brand. I really can find no fault. Thank you once again to Claire and the lovies over at Balm Balm for Balmifying me up. Darling, go out and buy these goodies… Your future(older) self would thank you for it!
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