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Fashion Fridays : Wedges

Wedges are definitely the shoe of the season and I’m seeing them all over, from online stores to a wide spread on shelves in store. I’ve said it over and over again, Wedge heels are thee most comfortable shoes to walk in and the chances of you falling face flat are reduced! *Winning*

There’s so many different colours that are huge this season from neons to pastels to florals. There’s a wide variety of different wedge styles that one can choose from. You will always find a wedge for every occasion and it can be worn in so many different ways . I’ve been browsing online in search of pretty wedges that I would like to add to my shoe collection for summer but you’re seriously spoilt for choice!

Most people don’t always know how to wear wedges and NOT all wedges suit everybody, what might look good on you might not look good on the next person. The best way you can get inspiration on how to rock your wedges is to look at celebrities. They wear it best… Why you ask? Because they have personal stylist that wants to “perfect” their look and we might as-well save money by looking at them and not going to image consultants… Kidding…NOT

Shoe of the day-
The sun is out in Cape Town and I thought I’d give these babies a little walkie. I’m in-love with these floral sling back wedges. Not too high for somebody like me that can’t walk on heels and also not too low.


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