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Awaiting October

It seems that the months are speeding by so fast and December is right on our doorstep. I for one am not complaining at all because I’m so over wintery days coming and going. It feels like just yesterday that I was counting down the days to August and then September.

Drafting this post I’m stuck in bed with the flu AGAIN and I’m more grumpy than usual but OD’ing on flu meds is what keeps me going hehe. One would think that days are becoming warmer now that September is finally here and there’s only a few hours separating us from October but heck we feeling the icy weather now more than what we did in winter with Spring/Summer giving us a teaser a few odd days in between.

Well enough with my ramblings! October is literally a few hours away and that means a few hours closer to December… The month summer memories are made of + the time of the year where the red bus becomes my best friend. I have a few things I’m looking forward to and this is how it goes…

•I’ve been reading about Balm Balm in each and every mag + blog and now thanks to Ms claira Bella, I am finally going to try out their goodies! I’ve only read good things about them so I’m beyond excited

•For some reason I’ve always wanted a hair curler. Yes I have a ghd that can do the same job but I just can’t do it and since I’ve had a Kalahari voucher for months, I thought why not spoil myself with a Tweety hairstyler before it expires.

• I’ve been going extra snail mode with my “Sweet Little Lies” Lauren Conrad book because I don’t want it to end until I have the third book and now I can finally finish it. With the remaining moola of my Kalahari voucher I bought the 3rd book called “Sugar and Spice”.

•Its Eid again and that means family time + yummy food – me having to cook that day = Christmas in my world .

•October is my 1 year Bloggerversary and I can’t believe its almost a year since I started City Girl Vibe but that’s a whole new post on its own. I’m thinking of having a giveaway with all my fav goodies… A handbag packed with some beauty products and jewellery«- Perfect for summer.

•Sometime last week I tried Mr Price‘s online store and now this has become a little obsession… A very “girl you’re gonna be broke more often than usual” kinda obsession. I’m awaiting my second order but that is another post on its own.

•Most importantly looking forward to the sun coming out, Which means Me catching a tan Change of season = new beginnings.


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