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Fashion Fridays: The Military Jacket

This is by far one of my fav fashion friday posts to date simply because I love this trend. The military jacket comes in an array of designs that suits every body type.

This jacket is perfect for spring/summer because its not as bulky as a coat nor “winter looking” depending on the fabric used. Military jackets are also suitable for both male and female and what captivates me the most is definitely the detailing . If I could design my own lust worthy military jacket, I would undoubtedly choose a red double breasted jacket with gold buttons and subtle shoulder detailing.


I love how this trend is so easy to pull off without even trying too hard. There’s so many different ways to wear it seeing that there’s many different styles of military jackets. Below are my fav celebrities rocking and owning their look showing you 3 different ways to wear it.



4 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays: The Military Jacket

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