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Fashion Fridays: Pearls

Just the other day I read a post about pearls and it really made me think about how my opinion changed towards pearls. At first I used to feel that it was for old people and when I got a set as a gift I really liked it. Lately I’ve been having alot of “mind changes” when it comes to fashion items and it shows that you should never close off the idea of liking something unless you’ve tried it.

Pearls are definitely making a comeback and it adds that extra bit of elegance to an outfit. I feel that pearls can be dressed up or down and is suitable for any occasion. There’s no limits when it comes to pearls and its definitely a fashion statement.

Pearl accessories comes in all shapes and sizes, be it statement neck pieces or dainty earrings. Its not about age and the following celebs will show you just how to work this trend. I personally love pieces with some diamante finishes or charms attached. Top celebrity looks that I’m loving.


I think its time I started fixing my own jewellery. Just as I did this post and took the pictures, one of my longer pearl necklaces broke Boohoo. Pearls reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and how she could pull any look off effortlessly wearing it. My pearl charms bracelet is from Scarlett Boulevard and its definitely one of my fav accessories so be sure to check them out for affordable accessories.


“Every Memory is just a pearl on the necklace of life”


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