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A Dress for my Nails


Ever since the Go Glamour expo, I’ve been motivated to do my own nails again and at the moment I’m not wearing any nail polish so I opted for nail wraps.

It has to be a few months since I last wore nail wraps close to the time when I just started my blog. Since then my opinion changed alot regarding nail polish and nail art. Even though I’ve come to love the process of doing my own nails, I still find nail wraps very convenient.

I’ve always worn the same brand of nail wraps called Nail Dresses and I have to say that it really is top quality. It roughly lasts up to 6 days even when working in water. The application process is fairly easy with step by step instructions on the back of each pack of nail wraps so you won’t end up wasting stickers.


Nail dresses comes in an array of designs for only R90 a pack(prints/patterns) and R60 for plain colours. A pack consists out of 20 wraps which means 4 sets, Such a bargain! Seeing that its women’s month I thought I’d choose the “POW” (Power Of Women) design.


On the instruction pack it says that you have to use a hairdryer to heat it up for a few seconds but I prefer a candle. I then smooth out all bubbles and creases with the back of a makeup brush and apply one coat of essence Glanzender Uberlack to give it a glossy finish.


I can’t wait till warmer days where I can try different designs to match my outfit. This is a fun little way to change from nail polish and give my nails a break from all the nail polish remover which weakens my nails and removes alot of natural oils.

For more info on Nail Dresses feel free to visit or email to place your order! Its well worth it! I’m loving nail wraps!


2 thoughts on “A Dress for my Nails

    • I love one called “Lace Affair” its so pretty. each season they release new ranges, at the moment its the olympic theme -» this is very affordable. What I love about this nail wraps is that when you paste one down on your nail and you don’t like how its positioned, you can take it off again and heat it a few cms away from the candle and apply it again.

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