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The marvelous wonders of a Spa-valous candle

If you’re a regular City Girl Vibe reader, you’d be well aware of my love for Tip Top nail polishes as its the only brand of nail polish that I use and come to love, but today Ill be telling you about Tip Top Nails sister brand called Spa-valous.

I’m a huge candle person , especially huge scented ones and when I found out about Spa-valous I just knew that I had to try it! The oh so generous ladies over at Spa-valous sent me some candles and this is indeed one of my most loved winter essentials.

What is a Spa-Valous body massage candle?
Spa-Valous massage candles are multi functional eco friendly soy candles that not only lights the room, fills the air with heavenly fragrance, sets the tone for a romantic setting or relaxed atmosphere but also a spa quality massage oil/body balm that produces as the candle burns.

There are 3 different types of Spa-Valous candles :
• Colour Therapy Massage Candles which relate to the Chakra system of the body.
•Eco friendly flameless baby massage candles.
•Non-fragranced candles for pregnant moms.

There’s a whole list of befits that comes with these candles which gives you value for your money and its guaranteed to burn 50% longer than your average paraffin candle. Those areas on your body that needs some extra loving, this is the perfect solution! Sunburns, cuts, insect bites like mosquito bites, cracked heels that requires extra soothing and moisturising are all things from the past.

The Spa-Valous massage candle also makes for great gifts to expecting moms/babyshowers which comes in the Blue and Pink box and also the non fragrant ones which is perfect to use on moms to be.

I can’t rave about this candle enough, definitely one of my winter essentials. For more info on Spa-valous massage candles visit their website on http://www.tiptopnails.co.za

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. —Margaret Fuller


3 thoughts on “The marvelous wonders of a Spa-valous candle

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    • Thanks for the comment! Its actually a free theme and then I customized it further with my own header and buttons. I’m not entirely sure what the name is though but if you scroll down you’ll see it

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