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Its a Plum Delicious love affair

I‘ve got a real huge weakness for shoes, I’ve even got a Pinterest board dedicated to it. One brand that I really love is Plum Delicious. Season in and season out they wow us shoe loving fans with amazing new trends that’s not only easy on the pocket but also there’s something for everybody!

If you one of those “The lower I feel the higher the heel” type of girls, then Plum Delicious have a HUGE range of killer heels that you would love. You’ll definitely have a hard time trying to choose which pair you’re going to buy.
At the moment there’s a whole list of the winter range that I’m drooling over, I just have to decide which pairs Ill be adding to my Plum Delicious collection which consists of the following pairs.

Winter is here and I’m pretty sure everybody loves putting their best foot forward in some fashionable new shoes, so why not add some Plums to your collection? You definitely won’t regret it!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe

At the moment these are the pairs topping my list… Along with a few others but I had to stop myself from adding the entire winter range onto my list before I ended up being entirely bankrupt so I chose these 4.

So enough with the ranting and raving, let’s get to the good stuff! I’m giving away one pair of Plum Delicious to a lucky lady, all you have to do is :

•Comment with your shoe size + email address below

•Share this comp with a link back to this post on Plum Delicious facebook page

Easy Peasy… No one million and other to do lists required! Ends the 10 July

Good Luck Lovies!


160 thoughts on “Its a Plum Delicious love affair

  1. Love Plum Delicious Shoes. Shoe size 5 . Holding thumbs! Shared to facebook. Tweeted about giveaway as well Twittername: online61524

  2. I’m simply loving @Plum_Delicious this season. Miss Angelique has my name written all over it…Fierce & Super Sexy!

    Size 4

    Shared on FB and twitter @melbrown1978

  3. I have such a weakness for shoes and Plum –Sjoe!!!My all time favourite brand, love it love it ..would love to add to my Plum collection I am a Size 5 , I actually have the Deva brown Boot on today this freezing Friday in Jozi.

  4. Hi Lovely Lady!
    Absolurley Crazy/ Mad and Ecstatic about THIS competition!! Love you, ALWAYS LIKED you!! Tweeted, Retweeted and Sharing and Follwing!!!! Size 5 for me should i be the Lucky Lady of this GORGEOUS prize!!! Keep on doing what you doing!!! Deets:
    Regards and much love, Simone Acker

  5. I’m a size 4 and sooooo need those yummy shoes to sparkle up my wardrobe into a fablicious desplay of awesomeness…No one does it better than Plum Delicious

  6. i love shoes are my weakness & would dedicate a room just to have them all hahaha, Its my addiction xxx

  7. Plum Delicious shoes are the ultimate item to wear,
    And these shoes can add a stunning, stylish flair.
    I would love to have some of these beautiful shoes,
    And even own one in every single, colourful hue!
    To own these shoes would be a true pleasure
    And I would treat them as if they were treasure!
    My feet are size seven, quite large I know –
    But all the more reason off these shoes to show.
    Thank you Plum Delicious, and CityGirlVibe too –
    For this opportunity, we owe you a big thank you.

  8. Plum shoes are so nice. It looks very highly and intoxicated. Business, casual all sorts of types and different types and styles. Isn’t that what a woman wants? A shoe always makes up for whatever outfit you wear. You can have the oldest clothes on, but with a pair of shoes, especially Plum shoes, the sky is not evens the limit. Size: 5

  9. Shoe size 7
    Email address:
    I’ve been entering every competition regarding Plum Delicious shoes, hopeful that maybe one of these days it will be my turn to wear a pair of gorgeous shoes from Plum!!!!

  10. Am loving the boots. They are just gorgeous. Posted on my Facebook profile as my status-Lusanda Lolly Mgweba.

    Size 8.

  11. I also don’t know which ones to pick. They all so gorgeous my my!!!!
    But if I had to the Red ones. Favorite colour and they just so yummy 🙂


    Size 6

    *shared on fb and twitter @Nqo0008*

  12. I am in love with Plum shoes, they have shoes for every occasion, every season, and the prices aren’t bad too

  13. My size is 7. Plum Delicious is the best thing ever for me & my shoe addiction. Plum have all the shoe type for any occasion & season, with Plum you will never go wrong. A gal feel more confident with a right pair of shoes & truly I’m getting that with Plum. Thank you Plum Delicious for making my life easy.

  14. Size 6 please!!! Would love to spoil my girlriend by winning her a pair of these amazing shoes. She would deffinitely go mad for a pair. Hope i win 😀 😀 😀

  15. My husband got so tired of me using up all his cupboard space for my shoes he finally did something about it and built me my very own shoe cupboard I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go to shoe shops I leave my finger prints on all of them and NEVER leave empty handed. My motto “a girl can never have enough shoes” it can make or break an outfit

  16. Hi ek is Jacqueline Van Vuuren, ek wil net se ek dink die Plum Delicious is baie STUNNING hoop ek wen, ek het al die instuksies vervolg tot op die letter. My epos is
    Ek is a size 7

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