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Be “Scarless” with Justine Tissue Oil products.

A few weeks ago, the awesome darlings over at RR sent me some incredible Justine Tissue Oil products to test out this winter and share it on my blog.

I’ve never really used tissue oil so my knowledge was limited, let alone me knowing that you get it forms of other products such as lipstick and hair mask treatments which actually surprised me. In previous posts I mentioned that in winter I take extra care of my sensitive skin so now I’ve been using all these products.

Justine tissue oil nourishing body lotion is a clever little combination of tissue oil and lotion which holds the most heavenly aroma ever. Its perfect for all over your body especially after you’ve bathed or showered which nourishes your skin and also reduces stretch marks. It absorbs into your skin so you won’t have any oily effects or sticky skin.

Justine tissue oil SPF 25, original sun protection tissue oil which I use on days even when the sun isn’t out. This beauty is perfect for evening out your skin tone and it has the benefits of 4 products, protecting your skin from the sun, evening out your skin tone, healing scars and can also be used as a moisturiser!

•This is the first product I started using, The Justine Tissue Oil Hair treatment mask seeing that my hair gets exposed to so much heat styling. This helped me manage my hair more easily, softened it, gave it a glossy shine, nourished my hair and it also smells divine!
Tip: do not keep it on for longer than required or else your hair goes oily.

Justine Tissue oil lipstick. It also contains tissue oil which repairs and protects your lips. It comes in a nude shade and is perfect for those that loves a more subtle makeup look but yet have the benefits of a lipcare product.

Original Justine Tissue oil which I’m pretty sure you can find a reason to use on everything such as burns, scars, stretch marks, uneven skin toning… YOU NAME IT, this works! Its enriched in vitamin E and also reduces redness, irritation and also pimples + blemishes.

This Justine tissue oil range is really worth each penny!


17 thoughts on “Be “Scarless” with Justine Tissue Oil products.

  1. I would love the Justine Tissue Oil Lipstick, I’m not a fan of make-up but love keeping my lips softy,shiny & perhaps kissable. Lol

  2. Phindie

    You can use Tissue oil Strech Mark Cream for your strech marks, believe me you will see the difference in just 2 weeks if you use it accordingly

  3. I met an accident about 3 weeks ago I got a 1cm deep cut on my nose will justines tissue oil help remove the scar? Its 1cm deep n 1cm long

  4. Hello there,

    I have got terrible
    stretch marks behind my legs, could this product help me get rid of them, where can i buy it and how much does it cost?


  5. Hi my face is much darker then my neck n it is noticable as i have used whitening creams and when i stopped it my face became really dark in colour can justine orignal oil restore my fair complexion as well as the perfecting range???

  6. As with any product that promises to improve on any skin condition ladies,you need to assist the product by drinking lots and lots of water,using it as prescribed and diligently on a consistent basis without fail.Engage in physical activity every now and then..weekly…and change diet to include more fruits and veggies..I promise you will definately see a big difference….One more thing..Patience is a virtue

  7. Where can I buy this tissue oil
    in the USA? I just had a melanoma removed from my face and
    am looking for an oil to apply
    instead of these “Scar Away Gel Pads” treatments after my wound heals. I have steri strips on now,
    to fall off soon.

    Thanks. EK. Raleigh NC USAE

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