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New & Improved – 10 New Things

Once or twice a month I do a post on what’s been happening in my world lately and its quite fun seeing how much I learn. These posts are always about what I learnt, discovered, did and got, So here’s what I’ve been up to in the city…

•Last week I was in search of some fashion forward leopard print booties & checked out a few stores in town then finally got a pair from Model.Me .

•I’m officially one step closer to getting my drivers and its pretty awesome being able to drive… One step closer to independence!!!

•According to an online study : On average, women think about fashion 91 times a day. {I agree}

•I’ve got a stunning new makeup bag filled with Queenspark’s own cosmetics line called Aura that I got from one of my fave bloggers.

•Its been storming like crazy in the mother city and my waterbottle is attached to my side all day EVERYDAY.

•Remember in my winter wishlist post I said I needed the power of the Verwohnaroma this winter? Well even though I love my oversized handbags, I just can’t carry a glass jar with me so I came up with a another alternative so now I carry my coffee with me. {LOL}

•Recently I’ve learnt that people have too much hatred in their heart that it starts taking away their happiness, that’s why they’re always bitter towards others. Advice : They already that low on the ground, don’t stoop to their level. Just …

•I love crowns/tiaras \̽▴̲̊̽▴̲̊̽̽▴̲̊̽/

•After nagging in previous posts about wanting Lauren Conrad‘s books, I finally found a place that sells it and now I’m just waiting for it to be delivered!

•I’m addicted to Glee.


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