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Getting Date Ready With Cettua

Last week Cettua sent me a “Before Having Date” face mask and last night I thought I would give it try… Hmmm Okay, even though I didn’t have a date, but I just thought I’d give my face a bit of a “pick me up”.

At first I didn’t really want to open my packet because usually face masks stinks or rather the ones I’ve ever used but to my surprise it actually smelt really good. The formula contains ginkgo, algae and mulberry extract to work deep within the skin surface where aging appears.

In one box there’s 2 masks and it retails at R49.99 which is actually a huge bargain. You can find Cettua in all clicks stores.

Before applying my Cettua cotton face mask, I applied my Decléor toner. I then put my mask on and relaxed back with it on my face for about 25 minutes while watching a nail biting episode of survivor. Another thing that I love about my Cettua face mask is that you can sit up or walk while its on your face and you won’t have anything dripping from it or even the mask falling off. *Bonus* Its dermatologist tested, and as I have really sensitive skin I felt no irritation on my face.

After my 25 mins were over, I removed it and massaged the remaining serum into my face with my fingertips. Its like a mini facial in a packet that’s affordable and doesn’t break the bank. Results are amazing from the first use, Waking up the next morning I found my skin to feel a lot more softer and an added bonus is that Cettua comes in lots of different types of masks, patches or strips which you can view here.

My next Cettua products that’s on my shopping list would definitely have to be the “Silky and clear nose strip” that’s designed to remove blackheads and also the ” 1 min spa cleansing mask” which is basically like a spa treatment on a budget.

I really enjoyed my first Cettua experience and I’m pretty you sure you will too so the next time you’re in clicks, don’t forget to pop some Cettua in you’re shopping basket. Now go on ladies, there’s no excuse to not having healthy, younger looking skin all year around!


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