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Cruising the Canal

For those regular readers on my blog, you’d know that I’ve got big love for Cape Town’s red bus, I even celebrated my birthday on the bus. Many people don’t know that City Sightseeing Cape Town also has a canal cruise which is situated in the V&A Waterfront. When cruising around on Shosholoza, you see parts of the V&A Waterfront that you’ve never seen before and let me add : The views + experience = fantastic!
My sister and I cruised the canal on a hot summers Cape Town day and this is how it went…

•If you’re suffering from those ‘dry-land blues`,
Hop aboard the City Sightseeing Canal Cruise.

•Cruise the calm waters of the V&A canal,
and savor the fresh breeze and the ocean smell.

•With 5 exciting Jetty stops,
Be sure to wear some sunscreen and your flip flops.

•All aboard at the Two Oceans Aquarium which is Jetty one,
with kelp and sea shells and all things fun.

•Experience the Waterfront from completely new angles,
and learn about the rich residents with diamond rings and bangles.

•With stops at The One & Only and the City Lodge you’ll be asking for more,
but wait… We still have the Harbor Bridge and the Westin in store

•Keep an eye out for the playful seals, who
sunbathe and swim around in search of their yummy fish meals.

•After all the excitement you’ll arrive at the gorgeous ICC,
which is City Sightseeing bus stop
number three.

•Hope you had fun and will be joining us again soon,
On a sunny Cape Town afternoon.


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