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Brrrr getting winter ready.

For all of us living in the Mother City, you’d know… Or rather felt that winter hit us early.☂ With all these cold days ahead I’m getting winter ready with some really fab products that lovely people sent me.

On my blog, you’d never see a bad review because I don’t like blogging about products that’s going to be a waste of money, time and space on my blog. So I find myself lost in little pieces of heaven jammed in a bottle or tube.

To me, winter☂ must be THEE most fragile time of the year where everything is more brittle, sensitive and dryer. So you really do have to rely on the best products on the market and I just happen to have some of the best ones on the dresser in my room.

Here’s what I’m using at the moment to keep my body pampered from head to toe all winter.☂

*For My Hair
•Justine – Tissue Oil – Treatment Hair Mask. Which helps moisturise dry and extremely dense hair leaving it soft, smooth and manageable. It also helps to detangle hair while adding a lustrous shine.

*My Face
•Decléor Aroma Cleanse – Cleansing milk face & eyes and Tonifying Lotion. It cleanses and tonyfies my skin.

*My Lips
•Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula – Swivel Stick. Enriched with Vitamin E, on the spot moisture for rough dry skin and also soothes dry, chapped, cracked lips.

*For My Hands
•Elizabeth Arden – 8 hour Cream -Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment. Which Heals all cracking and dryness.
Soothing emollients smooth and soften rough, weather-exposed skin.

*My Body
•When taking a hot shower or bath I use the new Lux Beauty Body Wash – Velvet Touch which is packed with silk protein extract and apricot that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

•Wild Olive – Rose & Geranium body lotion. My ultimate all round season must have! Heaven in a bottle indeed. It not only smells amazing but also hydrates my skin for the whole day. #MustHave.

So those are my current products. I try new ones from time to time so I get to experience the best ones on the market. Right now those are the ones topping my list and highly recommendable that’s not way over budget and good quality. Later on in winter I might change some of my products and Ill be back with a blogpost.

Keep Warm and pamper on!
Hot Chocolate and Cuddles


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