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SLAP™ on some style

2012 is definitely the year I’ve been discovering some really awesome goods and gadgets that I just can’t help sharing with all of you guys and girls.

I’m not a watch person AT ALL! The last time I wore a watch was probably 3 years ago in matric… Well until I discovered a brand called SLAP™ WATCH.

SLAP™ WATCH launched in SA some time last year and ever since then everybody has been going crazy for these MUST HAVE outfit additions! At the moment there are 11 Watches… Which means 121 POSSIBILITIES. Each SLAP™ comes with a removable face which you can interchange with each other so that it can adjust to your outfit, your mood or even your crazy colourful personality! So if you buy all 11 SLAP™ WATCHES you can have 121 different ways to wear it.

And the best part about these AH-MAZING watches is, that its suitable for the entire family! With SLAP™ WATCH, SLAP™ WATCH JR, SLAP™ WATCH BLING Range and SLAP™ WATCH WILD Range. These are perfect for the gym (it won’t slide off like most watches), When having a night out or even for every day. With all the different ranges there’s definitely no excuse not to have one. [So are you going to be a part of the ones not looking fly with a SLAP™ WATCH?].

What I love most about SLAP™ WATCH is that you can actually be picky and yet stay within budget, these beauties are extremely affordable and all info about retailers are available on the website here

Fortunately for me, I was given a really stunning white one from the awesome people over at Schick and I have to say that I’ve been rocking mine for the past 2 weeks to a wedding, it went with me on Table Mountain and even a trip to the beach… I don’t care if it doesn’t match my outfit… I just can’t be SEEN without it {LOL} but my collection will definitely start growing.

*Advice* people are so drawn to these totes amazing goodies that there’s even fake ones out there so just remember, if it doesn’t say SLAP™, it’s not a SLAP™ WATCH and and and if ever you encounter these fake ones, SLAP the people selling it! [Joking… Or maybe not]

So City Vibers, save some time by struggling to put on a watch and just SLAP™ one of these beauties onto you wrist, you’ll definitely be saving a minute or two.



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