Random Ramblings Of A City Girl

10 Things I learnt recently.

• I’ve shifted from a coffee junkie to being an absolute tea lover.

• In french “J’adore la mode” means “I love fashion”.

• I finally mastered the art of Pinterest, after struggling to figure it out for days! {Btw its connected to my blog now}

• My cooking skills are AH-MAZING and I might just be the next Nigella Lawson.

• I’ve discovered that I’m actually quite friendly and I get along with people easily, I’ve been told that I’m talkative and people loves it.

• How to use a sewing machine (not perfectly yet) but I decided to. make my own clutch bag/makeup bag.

• Laughing is the best medicine and I laugh a lot, that’s one thing people remembers the most after meeting me for the first time. Also a smile is contagious!

• I went from being a “never minder” to a totes girly girl.

• I would love to go to New York City a tad more than Milan + Paris.

• I’ve got an addiction to handbags.


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