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Completing My Own Sentences

So I’m going to have a Q+A with myself and answer my own questions. I loved this idea after seeing it on one of my fav blogger’s blog but decided to change it to what I thought would relate to me more.
Here goes…

The last thing I bought … My red Rimmel London bag that I got some free cosmetics in and that I absolutely love. [With my Bday $$$ from mommy]

Today I realized … That Table Mountain + Cape Town is a pretty spectacular place.

At the moment … I’m focusing on myself and not so much on the smaller negative things that takes up all my energy and happiness.

I am… Pretty much stronger than what I give myself credit for.

Tomorrow… I’m going to make at least one person smile.

I want… My own walk in closet.

I noticed… I’m pretty stubborn and I hate it when people tells me how to do things.

You know you’re past a stage… When you no longer fear something or someone not being in your life anymore.

Its not always a bad thing… To cry.

The best feeling in the world… Is to prove all those people wrong that judged you and said you could never do it.

I hate… Depending on people and frienemies (Friends+Enemies) that pretends to be my friend when they actually find pleasure in my mishaps.

I should really… Read more books than blogs, but I’m pretty motivated after I saw something that I would love in my own home someday.

One day… I would really love to be in the fashion industry but not a designer and travel the world.

I find it… Hard to trust people but I eventually do when I get to know them

I now know… That everyone is human and even the happiest of people experienced some pain and failure at some point in their life.

Last week… I reconnected with so many people that I’ve lost contact with over the last few years.


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